Men’s Jewelry Guide


A well-curated accessory stands out and announces to the world the stylish man you are.  

There’s been an explosion of growth in menswear accessories lately.  New brands like Miansai and Giles & Brother are popping up to supply men with the proper digs.

Watches, tie bars, and simple bracelets are the easiest “mewelry” to pull off—that’s a good place to start. has a huge selection of, you guessed it, tie bars (along with ties and pocket squares).

There are a couple easy rules for tie bars. Make sure the clip is equal in length or shorter than your tie, but never wider. It should sit near your sternum between the 3rd and 4th buttonholes.

Ensure that the clip is actually fastened to your shirt since tie bars are more than just a fashion statement, but actually help to shape your tie and keep it close to the body. And remember: Don’t go overboard, there’s no reason to wear one with a sweater or vest.

A sophisticated, classic timepiece is the number one must-have accessory for any man. And while you can’t go wrong with a Rolex, Patek Phillippe, or Omega, plenty of stylish men are opting for cheaper, subdued watches like the Timex below with a design as simple as the movement itself.

Simple, masculine bracelets add an exclamation point of individuality to put-together outfits no matter how formal or casual.

A simple colored cord bracelet really sets off the drabness of a simple charcoal or navy suit, while more rugged leather and metal wristwear can go with pretty much anything.

Don’t be afraid to mix styles. Rugged can go with refined, and rope camp bracelets can cozy up next to a Breitling in the right scenario—though that’s probably not your next board meeting.

One more way to accessorize some attitude into your outfit is with an irreverent cufflink. There is an endless variety of options, but they are especially cool when they have a meaning or a story behind them.

I have plain silver cufflinks, school crest cufflinks, silk knots, and, finally, a pair of red plastic penguins with a gold-plated link that were gifted to me at my brother’s wedding reception. It’s a little symbol of the hotel we stayed at, which is decorated with larger than life red penguin statues throughout the building.
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